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Thread: How to complete and print 2022 940?

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    Default How to complete and print 2022 940?

    I'm trying to print the 940. I am able to locate 940 tab in the yearly reports. I have 4 options: Open 940A, Print Preview, Close, or Help. If I select "Open 940A" nothing happens (even if I wait). If I click "Print Preview" - it immediately prompts me to save it, but nothing happens when I try to open that file. Obviously "Close" and "Help" don't accomplish my goal.

    I know I must have done this last year, but have no recollection of how, or what the process looked like. How can I complete and print the 940?

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    The Preview button opens the 940 Form ready to print in Adobe Acrobat. If it didn't, you may need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat. The 940A Form is for states that need to ay extra and you need to ask your accountant if you are in that category.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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