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Thread: Reporting W2 to Social Security, Amount Too High

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    Default Reporting W2 to Social Security, Amount Too High

    In PayWindow,

    Payroll Reports Center >> Yearly Reports >> W2/W3 Form.

    Select Export.
    Print Preview.

    PayWindow writes the files w2form.asc and w2form.inf.

    I matched the headings in w2form.inf with the data in w2form.asc. Then, I used the data to report a W2 to the Social Security Administration online. However, when I tried to submit my report, SSA online rejected pointing out that the amount in Box 3, Social Security Wages, exceeded the maximum amount of $147,000.

    I put $147,000 in Box 3 and resubmitted. SSA online accepted.

    So, I think PayWindow is calculating all the taxes and withholding correctly because the Payroll report shows no FICA withholding and no FICA tax for December. And also, this issue only arises with salaries much higher than most. In this case, we are talking about a gross salary of over 200,000 for the year.

    This is a problem of not having the right amount. Still, it is not a major problem because Social Security says the maximum Social Security Wages on the spot. So you use that maximum amount, and you are good.

    Might you advise me to use a different report for reporting W2? Or maybe you want to look into making W2 reporting work for very high salaries?


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