New in W2-1099FormWindow 2021

Updated again for SSA requirements. This includes 57 characters for Company Name, 15 digit phone numbers, 26 digit State Codes or State ID. As the State Code (SID or StID) is 26 characters, this includes extensions so that you can file with a 26-digit State Code or State ID.

For 15 digits phone number, Phone numbers no longer have a mask (999) 1234-5678 and is free-form, up to 15 digits. If you have a 15 digit phone number, please enter without spaces or blanks or brackets or dash.

For 57 character company name. The previous length was 42 characters. You can now add extra characters to your company name

Phone extensions are now forced-validated. The maximum to enter is 5 digit extension. If you have a 6 or 7 digit extension number, please request either ask your telephony company to reduce the number to less than 5 digits extensions.

If you get "b_facta" error. This is fixed.

If you get a cannot upload to SSA because you uploaded a F1A or W2A file, this has been renamed to .TXT file. So you will not receive this error again.