I've held off asking this but here goes...In the box under the "Pay" info for employees....Is the figure I put in the new W-4 box a total of figures on the W-4? Like $4000 for two children (line 3 plus extra withholding on Line 4c? If the answer is yes, I'm assuming zpay somehow knows. OR am I to subtract the children figure from gross pay and then manually add the extra withholding as I pay each period?

I wish I knew a payroll person who uses Zpay in western Montana. I'd call them. I have checked with other offices using Quickbooks, etc but there seems to be confusion among them also.

Paul, I've used Zpay for years and think this is the last year because I'm now in my 80's. Always I've enjoyed your help and want you to know how appreciated you have been.
Who knows, it's always hard to quit a business and I may be renewing again!! Thank you! Marge