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Thread: How does PayWindow know the Payroll Frequency?

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    Paul, I hate to continue this thread but there is still a problem with the rate tables for this update. It appears that the rate in the program for Single/Married filing Separately actually has the rates for Married filing together. Please check this out. I've used this program more than 30 years and this is the first time with such a problem. Must be the pandemic! Also I do payroll once a week, how is this accomplished since the program does not ask for payroll frequency?

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    I moved and renamed this post as it is not in line with the other message threat's topic.

    When you are setting up employees, you set the payroll frequency that is used for calculating the taxes. So open an employee for edit and then item number two on this page in the manual is where you select the pay frequency:

    To use the table for Single/Married filing Separately you select Single for now as I see that it is not using the single table when F is selected. And use for Married filing together you select Married.
    Paul Mayer
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