New in W2-1099FormWindow 1.0.25:

1099-B box6 gross proceeds, net proceeds where the checkbox is uncheckable, are fixed.
1099-K gross proceeds, pse, electronic payment, third-party payment is uncheckable fixed.
1099-R float field for locale changed to text, fixed.
1099, 1098 > Add: No longer getting a Database error when trying to add a 1099-B Form.
Company > EIN: edit box still disabled in edit mode.
Database > Backup: fixed backup dialog issue alignment issue.
Database > Backup: resulting dialog's buttons are not centered (again, just UI).
Database > Backup: resulting dialog's buttons are still a little too much to the left (this one is just UI).
Employees > Auto-Generate: no longer getting an "Item index out of range" error when pressing "First Name" column.
Employees > Batch Editor: issue still exists where there are rows that are blacked out where the text can only be seen when clicking into the row.
Many dialogs invalid date issue fixed (on multiple forms).
Many dialogs tab orders fixed.
Reports > W3 (both W3 Paper Substitute and W3 Print): "Employer's email address" is in all caps so can't distinguish between lowercase and uppercase letters.
Screenshot > No longer getting a leak report when using "Take a screenshot" button in Quick Access Toolbar.
Submitter > "1099/1096 Series" group box: "This is a Test File" and "Force IRS to forward all FILES to States" checkboxes can now be enabled and disabled.
W2 > Batch Editor > Fill Box 20: processing for "Box 20 Line 2" now puts the value to f202a, new value now shows up on the form.
W2 > upper-case, lower-case issue, where a lower-case address is exported as uppercase in W2 export. Now the editor shows as upper-case, not lower-case.
W2 > Utility: When in Edit mode, "W2 Utility" on the ribbon is disabled. I don't see a way to access the buttons under "W2 Utility" (same for "1099 Utility"). This is fixed.