New in Pay Window Payroll 18.0.21:

Backup > Restore tooltip is fixed.
Company > Deductions > in 2nd row of checkboxes, tab order for checkbox for "Exempt from tax" and "Pension box on W2" is switched.
Custom Reports > Report Settings (second): tried to change font for all 5 (title, summary, header, footer, and body) but title, footer, and header doesn't change.
Database error (Invalid value for field...):
Employees Edit > Payrate > Department 1: Pay Rate, Overtime One, and Overtime Two.
Employees Edit > Payrate: edit boxes now no longer accepts letters.
Employees Edit > the other tab order issues.
File Tab > Directory > Access violation on using other file types (like PDF, PNG). This is fixed.
File Tab > Directory > Company Organizer > Advanced tab > "Not older than": no values in the dropdown edit box in attachments. This is fixed.
File Tab > Directory > Directories Deep cannot be tabbed into, this is fixed.
File Tab > Directory > Options > Column Widths.
Tools > Options > Prompts: even when "Check for new updates when PayWindow Starts" is disabled, dialog box for updates still pops up on startup.
Tools > Options > Welcome: tooltip for "Clear Windows Positions" is the same as tooltip for "Clear recently used file list".
Window menu ordering fixed to be same as the left panel.
Excel errors on Custom Report are fixed.
Excel errors on Print are fixed.
Certain models of Printers causes on Custom report are fixed.