How to enter the number from the 2020 and Newer W4 Form to be used in PayWindow to reduce the taxable wages.

First make sure that you have PayWindow 2020 Build 18,0,16 or newer installed.

Up until March 5, 2020, PayWindow only supported the 2019 W4 Form to make the transition easy for all current PayWindow users. The functionality to use the calculated figure from the new W4 form these are the instructions.

Item 1 below is where the figure would be entered and then saved. Once there is a number in that field, it will override the old 2019 and older W4 setting for PayWindow and Item 2 below will then be ignored.

An example is if the number calculated in the new W4 Form is $30800.00 that is what you would enter in that entry marked as Number 1 below.