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Thread: W2-1099FormWindow 1.0.13

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    Default W2-1099FormWindow 1.0.13

    New in W2-1099FormWindow 1.0.13:

    - Print to PDF, where it prints wrong number of persons, bug fixed.
    - SSN error on import was fixed.
    - Wrong position of TIN/EIN in 1099-Misc.
    - Made company contact, email mandatory, phone mandatory.
    - If file is in use, the PDF would say that "File is in use". This error is fixed.
    - The multi-state tax issue is fixed.
    - 1099-misc, error in Recipient's tin/EIN.
    - Number of forms in 1096 error is fixed.
    - Amount in 1096 reported, forms is fixed.
    - Now the 1096 is created for each 1099* type entry so you will have 3 or 4 1096's scroll down to see various 1099's reported.
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    Paul Mayer
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