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Thread: W-2 printing problems

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    Default W-2 printing problems

    I want to know if anyone else is having W-2 printing problems. I have been using Paywindow to print W-2s since 2004. I only had to make minor adjustments in the margin distances to print the forms. But this year:

    1. The margins are very far off from the forms. I tried this with two different printers but the same result.
    2. Even if the margins are adjusted, the forms still do not align. Its like the spacing between lines isn't correct.

    I would guess that this problem has something to do with my printer setup, like a scaling or fit-to-page problem, so I am still looking for that solution, but I haven't found anything in printer properties that looks suspicious.
    I also noticed:

    1. If I try to use the Design button to move the bottom line down, save the design, then open it again, the bottom line is still at the old location, and pushed everything else up!
    2. The last W-2 does not have show any state wages or income tax printed, but it does print the state and there are wages for that employee.

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    Read the page in the help file on moving the positions. First click the Default button to reset and then as the instructions read, use numbers like 20 or -20 to move a margin.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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