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Thread: Posting to new Quickbooks account

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    I recently had to change banks. In Quickbooks 2015 Desktop, I created a new account (checkbook) within the same company file. So I have two registers in Quickbooks. I'm now ready to switch over everything to the new account. In Quickbooks, I set the old account as "inactive". However, whenever I export my payroll to Quickbooks it still posts to the old account. In PayWindow, I can't change the export account file because it still the same QB file, only a new account within that file. I can't see how to make the new account the one it post to. It still posts to the old account even though it's inactive. The only other thing I can see to do is to delete the old account, which I don't want to do because I'll need it come tax time or create a whole new company, which I don't want to do either. Is this a known problem with a solution?


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    Make a backup of that database that you can always get to if you need it and then delete the old account from the database. Since we no longer can get support from Intuit, that's all we can think of that might work.
    Paul Mayer
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