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Thread: Direct deposit and printed check reports.

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    Default Direct deposit and printed check reports.

    Is there a way to a do a report that only includes the wages that were paid as a "direct deposit"? Then another report for the printed checks?

    The problem is I have a couple employees that do not want to set up a checking account (not completely uncommon in the restaurant world).

    It's easy enough to just do a journal entry for the entire pay period. The problem arises when I balance the check book. When there is a check that is printed one month but is cashed the next month, it will throw the reconciliation report off.

    What about renaming the employee's code and then setting up a filter for two different reports. IOW all direct deposit employees would be 2??? and those with printed checks would be 1???.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Please see my last reply as there are reports for employees getting Checks and for Direct Deposit Payees too.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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