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Thread: How to enter Vacation Pay

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    Default How to enter Vacation Pay

    I can't find anything in the help files or forums regarding the proper method to enter vacation time for payment (or sick time, when that comes up later!). Am I correct in that the only way to do that is to Log into the administrator program, then go into "Time List" under "TimeClock", select an employee there, and then click on "Add Hours"; then manually put in the date and times allocated, and under 'departments' choose Vacation or Sick?

    Please let me know if that is the correct method. And could I suggest adding something about this to your Help Files, in case I am not the only new user who is uncertain about how to do this to have the time posted properly? Thank you.

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    See this page in the Help File:

    Add a time transaction and select the department as Vacation, Sick or Holiday.

    Also this Tutorial shows you how to do this as well:
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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