New in TimeClockWindow Build 2.0.13:

1. F1 Help key error - re-fixed all the bad F1 links in all forms. F1 now works for both TimeClock Window and TimeClockWindow Admin.

2. Tab order issue in Employee. Now pressing tab goes to correct fields.

3. Fixed Closed Dataset error when adding Employee Time Records.

4. Fixed bug-report on System Report where it does not send email. Now that is fixed.

5. Added Export CSVs - a: Company b: Logs c: Email d: Time Clock listing (raw).

6. Added ZIP export format (containing list of CSV files) for moving to new Internet TimeClockWindow Server version.

7. CSV export for Employee now exports all fields from table to CSV.

8. Fixed the 12:00 noon from adding 12 hours instead of setting to 12:00 noon-time in TimeClock Add Hours.

9. Added reset button in TimeClock Edit to reset the OT hours checkboxes.

10. Refresh Employee Status List immediately on return from Hibernate Mode issue.

11. Fixed High CPU usage problem in TCW client.

12. Forward button fails to retrieve more than 10 employees after 3 clicks in TCW Client. Fixed.

13. Set TimeList in Admin tool to default to sort by Date/Time punched in with the newest punches at the top of the list and newest record selected.