On March 2, 2012 we sent out the following information in our email Newsletter:
Avast Antivirus Software blocks PayWindow

The Antivirus software from Avast has blocked saving data from PayWindow into the company database. We've confirmed this with three users now and each of them uninstalled Avast and the problem went away. They've installed Microsoft Security Essentials and have no problems since. Microsoft Security Essentials is in use by the IRS and is FREE from Microsoft. We wrote to Avast explaining the problem they were causing and received a form letter in email three days later telling us they were sorry we had a problem installing the upgrade and gave us instructions to reinstall. We gave up on them after that response.

The problem is that Avast copies the database to what they call a "sandbox" (which is a virtual folder) when you start PayWindow and lets you work with it in this "sandbox". Then when you shout down PayWindow, Avast deletes the contents of the "sandbox" thus *NOT SAVING* your payroll data.

We just received an email from an Avast customer that was able to fix the problem and keep Avast. The solution is:

"Our computer tech turned off the Auto-Sand Box and stopped the Behavioral Shield in Avast and PayWindow now works."

Another user said that adding the PayWindow Data Files folder to the Avast Exclusion list worked for them. Here is a screenshot of the settings:

We still feel the better choice is to uninstall Avast and install the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials. You can learn more here: