Question: I see that there is a design button, can I edit the check format?

Answer: Yes you can but we don't support any user modifications but made it available to our users as accidentally the beta testers saw that feature and asked that we leave it in. Even I don't mess with the tool as I broke the checks when attempting to edit them one time. Note: We receive commissions from our Check Supplier for the checks we support. This is how we can afford to sell PayWindow with an annual upgrade fee of only $45 and not charge from $200 to over $2,000 a year like our competitors do. So supporting our check format keeps us in business.

The tools comes from FastReport and I see they do have an on-line help file at:

We also have a Tutorial that shows how to edit the check:

One on how to save your Custom Check file to use in PayWindow:

And then one on how to use your new custom check format file when printing checks:

You can always reinstall PayWindow if you break the reports form to a point it don't work any more to start over again. Every time that you install PayWindow, it overwrites all report files except the "custom.frf" check file created using the instructions above.

If you have QuickBooks checks, no need to edit, you can now simply select the QuickBooks option in the Check Printing Check Format Options screen.

Also a warning. All report forms can be edited by double clicking on the top of the reports while in preview mode. However, the items all depend on internal computer code in the program and if you delete items that have dependencies, your reports will fail to work.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and newer Warning:

Normally under Vista, Windows 7 and newer you need to have administrative privileges to write (save your edits) to the Program Files folder or sub-folders. You may need to run PayWindow in Administrator mode (right click on the PayWindow Icon and select Run as Administrator) and see if you can save to the Report sub-folder. We've had a number of users get a bug report when saving and that is the reason why.

Windows Vista Warning:

If you break the check format by editing, normally reinstalling PayWindow will replace the check format files. But Windows Vista makes a copy of these files into a VirtualStore folder. You will need to use the Windows Explorer to locate the bad file and delete it manually. We have linked an image to this message to show you were we found an edited check file on our computer to help guide you: