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    I am attempting to back up to for the first time with Build 6.0.15 on a new computer with Vista. I am trying to write to a CD in Drive E but am getting a message saying: could not save zip file
    Also in checking about moving Legacy PayWindow Data file from Vista VirtualStore, how do I select the advanced search option?
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    You cannot create a ZIP file on a CD, Windows blocks that as it is not a read/write type drive like a hard drive, or removable memory stick. Also if you do say backup to the desktop and then copy that file to a CD, you cannot use it after restoring easily. The CD puts a read only flag on files and copying it back, you would find it is locked in read only mode.

    A cheap $10 memory stick is your best bet as it will hold over a year of backups.

    You mentioned that you were trying to get to the virtual folder which would tell me that even with a drive to back up, you would find that you were not backing up the new data but instead the original data.

    See this FAQ and use the Company Organizer to locate and move your data files.
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