When PayWindow is started, you are given the logon calendar to select the date to use in PayWindow. If you have multiple company files, you can select a file to open at this time.

NOTE: PayWindow Company files use a .dxi file extension. And example is "Acme Tire Repair.dxi" so do NOT attempt to open any other file types.

Simply click on the three dots [...] button to open the Windows Open File Dialog:

Once the Open File Dialog is open, use it to select the folder where your files are stored if it is not yet selected by default and locate the data file that you want to use during this session.

Note: In early releases of PayWindow the data files were stored in:

C:\Program Files\PayWindow Payroll\

In current releases of PayWindow the default is the new Windows default of the My Documents folder so it is:

My Documents\PayWindow Data Files\

Once you've selected the file click on the OK button.

That will select the file and return to the logon calendar. After selecting the date, click the "Next" button to logon and perform your payroll.