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  1. Appreciate the update - and see "online help...

    Appreciate the update - and see "online help file" is current; however, help file that opens when entering PayWindow application still reflects previous information, at least on my system. (?) ...
  2. 941 Mailing address information in PayWindow different from IRS instructions

    Just wanted to advise - it appears addresses for mailing in 941 form within help file of PayWindow is not current with IRS instructions for Form 941.
  3. Thanks, wanted to be sure I was properly setting...

    Thanks, wanted to be sure I was properly setting up the entries.
  4. Entering 1099 info for a business (not an individual)

    Wanted to know if entries can be setup in W2-1099 for a business entry and not an individual? Trying to enter information for an LLC and required to enter a First Name & Last Name.
    Where can...
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