View Full Version : Social Security Wages are not Correct

01-02-2021, 10:48 PM
The maximum wage limit and social security amount is not correct on the program. It sets at 128000.00 The wage limit is 137700.00 and the taxes are at 8537.40 I edit the amount but I had to manually add the w2 to social security to make sure the right totals were there. Last year the numbers were not correct and I had to do corrected W2 and W3. Has anyone else had this issue? Also when you print a preview of a 2020 W-2 from the regular payroll system it shows the 2021 social security wage limits. It is a bit frustrating.

Paul Mayer
01-03-2021, 12:25 AM
I have the developer looking into W2-1099FormWindow but in PayWindow you did not read the instructions in the READ THIS FIRST page of the setup;

This includes the 2021 Federal and State Tax Tables that had changes effective January 1, 2021. Make sure that you keep PayWindow updated especially during the first few months of the year. If you did not print your 2020 W2 Forms, follow these special instructions as the FICA Wage Limit has changes:
https://zpay.com/pw-online-help/printw2.htm (https://zpay.com/pw-online-help/printw2.htm)

Paul Mayer
01-03-2021, 03:03 AM
We just posted 2.0.4 which fixed the hard coded FICA Wage Limit. Please download and install that release now.