View Full Version : TimeClockWindow Build 2.0.27

Paul Mayer
07-24-2014, 07:55 PM
New in TimeClockWindow Build 2.0.27:

TCW Admin will hibernate if left idle for more than 60 minutes. Person will have to click 'Resume' to continue. This is to protect your database from becoming corrupted by the Microsoft Data Access tools timing out with an open connection.

Color blind option added for users that cannot see the default colors for punched in, out or on break.

Fix error where "Invalid pointer operation." on certain rare conditions, where the person shuts down the computer, and some other Applicant stops windows from shutting down. When this happens, TCW closes, expecting to be removed from memory. Since this did not happen, TCW becomes unstable. This issue is fixed.

Fix for Mail - where the mail would sometimes hang.