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Thread: Form 941 Adjustment for Fraction of Cents was Dollars....Way off

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    Default Form 941 Adjustment for Fraction of Cents was Dollars....Way off


    I'm filing my Q4 941, and the "adjustment for fraction of cents" was $7.18.

    Something was obviously way off. It's usually zero, or a couple of pennies.

    Investigation reveals that my October 31st Payroll did NOT correctly calculate the deductions correctly. My Monthly payment for October was underpaid by $7.18 (according to the PayWindow generated 941). It seems like the deductions were calculated on an incorrect amount that was slightly less than actual. It appears, however, that the yearly totals for wages and salaries paid is correct.

    How to fix?

    It appears that all other payrolls ran's just this one that didn't calculate properly.



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    It's going to take you some detective work on your side to find the payroll transaction(s) that has the problem. Being the end of the year the most likely was adding a bonus and not recalculating the tax before saving the transaction. You can find the problem by taking your printed reports and multiplying the taxable wages by the FICA rate and verifying what was saved until you locate it. When you do you can fix it by setting he date in PayWindow and then go ton pay that person and it will tell you they were already paid and offer to delete the transaction and tghen you can repay it correctly. This link shows you all of the possible things customers have done in the past to cause the problem.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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