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Thread: W-2 Block 12 DD to include Employers paid amt too

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    Default W-2 Block 12 DD to include Employers paid amt too

    I couldn't find this topic but my searches weren't cooperating. I apologize if this is a duplicate.
    In block 12 I have included the amount the employee has paid for the health insurance for the year. But I've come to find that isn't all that's needed. How do I also include the amount the employer paid for this employees insurance? It wouldn't be a deduction from their paycheck so perhaps a manual enter somehow... The total of the 2 added together make up DD for a Block in 12. How would I go about getting that total there. Thank in advance for the help.

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    You would need to use the W2Express add on which allows you to edit the W2 Forms and then print them on plain paper and submit them online to the SSA.

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