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Thread: 941 2nd quarter

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    Default 941 2nd quarter

    I just ran the 941 for the 2nd quarter 2017.

    We are a monthly depositor and the 941 matches the deposits but not the QTD column in the Employer's Total report.

    I know this is a rounding issue as this is an Excel based program but this is playing havoc with our accounting system to keep adjusting a penny here or a penny there.

    Anything we can do to decrease the corrections needed?

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    The 941 actually Audits your stored payroll transactions, if line 7 is more than a few cents, you have made errors during the payrolls for the Quarter. See this FAQ:

    I'm not sure what program you are referring to that you are using that is Excel based?
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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