I selected a date range of November 01 through November 30 And when I Print Preview or Print is shows a date range from November 29 to November 30.

What did I do wrong?

You have an employee that punched in and did not punch out.

Before printing the Totals Report, we have two tools for you to use to be sure that you have good time punches which are required in order to print the Totals Report. They are:

1. Incomplete Times - This will show you all punches that are still open. You cannot have any open punches in a selected time range For the Totals Report.

2. Abnormal Hours - This is just a good common sense report that you should use to be sure your employee's are not punching in on one day and then out on the next day.

See this Video on how to use those two reports:


After running those reports and correcting any problems, then you can run the Totals Report.