TimeClockWindow Build 2.0.1 Released!

This is a complete rewrite of TimeClockWindow 1.x which fixes all problems that were reported in the past.

This is a FREE Upgrade to all existing TimeClockWindow customers that had TimeClockWindow 1.0 through 1.0.62.

We suggest that existing as well as new customers visit http://timeclockwindow.com/support.htm and go through the new video tutorials we have to become familiar with the new features of the Employee Client as well as the Administrator program. We also have new versions of the help files on that page as well.

To Upgrade from Version 1.x, download the setup file for 2.x from our website's download page at http://timeclockwindow.com/download.htm. You can put it on a USB memory stick to take it from computer to computer to install over all existing installations. It must be installed on all computers replacing the older versions as you do not want old versions accessing the database after it has been updated as it can cause database corruption.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must shut down the TimeClockWindow program on all computers to free up the database before installing the new release as it must be able to update your existing database. Watch this Video if you do not know how to shut down the Employee Interface or how to easily install the update on all computers:


And this video on updating all computers on your network:


Once the database has been updated by the first installation, install it on the other computers replacing what you have.