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Thread: Unable to save electronic copy of 941

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    Default Unable to save electronic copy of 941

    I'm trying to save an electronic version of my Federal 2010 Quarter 1 Form 941. I like to keep an electronic copy. The form will not let me save. I have other PDF creator software (Scan Soft, DocuCom) that I've tried to print to but the output is just scrambled graphics with no data. Any suggestions?

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    The 941 reports are saved for you when you "print" the 941 form, it is saved to the location of your choice when you click the Print or Print Preview button and select the location in the Save Dialog. The only thing you cannot save is any edits you make if you are using the FREE Adobe Reader. You would need the full Adobe Acrobat in order to save any edits.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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