In TimeClockWindow 1.0.31 and newer you will find two reports that you should use to audit the time punches in your database before exporting to PayWindow, exporting time or printing your totals reports.

We had one user that had a handful of people that forgot to punch out at night and in the morning, punched out and then back in. So there were time records exceeding 25 hours. With thhe Abmormal Hours report you can set a number of hours such as say 10 and the report will show you all time records that exceed that many hours so you can go and edit them.

This new Abnormal Hours report should be used as well as the Incomplete Times report as well. The Incomplete Times report shows you all time transactions that are punched in but not out as well as those that you may have manually created that have a punch out time that is earlier than the punch in time.

We suggest before exporting or printing the final time reports that you run the Abnormal Hours report and the Incomplete Times reports first to allow you to take corrective action. See theis image to see where these reports are found: