There is a new simplified way to copy and paste your registration information into TimeBillingWindow and Our Other Software.

Once you have received the Registration Email from, open the email and using your left mouse button, click any place above the registration code and holding the mouse button down, drag to any spot below the code and release marking it as seen below. The with the mouse, Right Click and from the popup menu, select the Copy option as seen below.

Then start TimeBillingWindow or our other software and click on the Enter Unlock Code Button as seen below.

Then click on the "I received the letter by email" and click the "Next" button as shown below.

Then click on the large button as seen below to paste in the Registration Name and Code as shown below.

You should get a "Thank you for registering" message as seen below. Click "OK".

Finally click the "OK [ENTER]" button and that's all it takes!