We found a problem now that a number of users had experienced the same problem.

It's something we never thought of with Windows and long file names.

The problem is we used the new Microsoft Data Access tools in TimeClockWindow, which do not like the illegal characters found in some long file names. We've used their old tools for years in PayWindow and never had a problem. Moving forward, we used the new tools for TCW and of course never thought there would be a problem.

So if you created a long file name for your PayWindow database that has what Microsoft ADO considers illegal characters, you will need to rename the database file to take out those characters. Characters like periods, commas, ampersands and such should not be used. An example of a bad file name is our company name:

ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc..dxi

Note that we have two periods and a comma in the file name. That is because Windows adds a period before a files suffix and when we typed in "ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc." to create a file, it created what you saw above.

Renaming the file to be:

ZPAY Payroll Systems Inc.dxi

Will make Microsoft's new ADO happy and no errors will pop up.