In the employee setup, the "Overtime" page is where you set up how you want to pay your employees overtime.

Note the "Apply to All Employees" button. After setting up your first employee, you can click that to apply the settings to all of your employees.

Since the US Department of Labor requires that the overtime be calculated on a 40 hour work week, you will enter in the hours you want to be the cutoff.

Our example above can be for any pay period that you have, be it weekly, bi-weekly or whatever. We want to pay our employees overtime if they work over 40 hours in a single week and double time for over 48 hours in a week. We also want to insure that they get overtime if the work on a Saturday or a Sunday. Note: By selecting the days of week, overtime will be applied for any time works on the selected days.

The selections above will insure that the employees are paid Overtime 1 if they work over 40 hours in a single week and Overtime 2 for the time over 48 hours a week. And if they only work a few days during the week but work on Saturday and Sunday, they will be paid overtime 1 for Saturday and overtime 2 for Sunday.

Below is an example to set up overtime on a daily basis if you pay for anything over 8 hours a day as overtime.

In this example above it will apply Overtime 1 for over 8 hours a day and then if the employee exceeds 12 hours in a day it will apply the overtime 2 rate.