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    transfwe data to new computer

    Am changing to a new computer and need to know how to transfer my data from one computer to the other.
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    W2 and 941 problem

    W2s - the state information is not reflecting the deferred income. Box is properly marked in company information but gross income is going over to state W2 information instead of gross less...
  3. w2 state info not reflecting devered income

    On W2s - the income shown for Illinois is total income (federal box 3) not the income less deferred income from box 1. How do I correct this before printing forms?
  4. I loaded this on a new computer without reloading...

    I loaded this on a new computer without reloading 2009 beforehand - should I have done this then downloaded 2010?
  5. Medicare and state tax not showing on payroll calculation

    Have installed 2010 package. When calculating payroll the medicare and Illinois state taxes do not show on payroll. if I place curser over these areas the amounts are there but vanish when curser...
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    lost company files

    since updating the only company files found when using "open company" is the 3 new files I created just after updating. All prior information does not come up. If I type the company name.dxi it says...
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