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Zpay Paywindow Payroll Software Alternative

Are you Looking for a replacement of Zpay PayWindow or QuickBooks Desktop Payroll? Please consider Payroll Mate payroll software.

Payroll MateĀ® is trusted by thousands of businesses and tax professionals nationwide since 2006 and named a Top Payroll software product by Capterra.
To learn more about Payoll Mate click this link.

A message from ZPAY Payroll Systems to all customers: "We apologize but due to serious health issues we have decided to close ZPAY Payroll Systems on December 31, 2023. Our President Paul Mayer, who was a Vietnam Veteran, is now facing the results of his tour in Vietnam. As a victim of Agent Orange, he has lost about 90% of his vision, has tremors in his hands, and dementia. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to continue. His developer did not want to take over the company. So, it is being closed down. We will not be selling any of our products to new customers starting today. Thank you for being a customer all these years."

PayWindow Payroll Software Feature Summary:

And the report center has reports galore! You will find in the report center:

  • Portrait and Landscape employee reports
  • Employer's totals report
  • Cost accounting reports
  • Check printing
  • Check register
  • Wage reports for Month, Quarter and Year to Date
  • Tax liability report
  • Actually prints a real 941 form report on plain paper
  • Actually prints a real 943 form report on plain paper
  • Actually prints Annual 944 and 940 reports on plain paper
  • Print on W2 and W3 Forms and 1099-MISC forms for non-employee workers
  • Payroll history reports
  • Employee mailing labels, lists and pay envelope labels
  • Even exports for GL importing and other programs
  • Report Export Formats: Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) HTML Document (*.htm) RTF Document (*.rtf) CSV File (*.csv) ASCII Text File (*.txt) Bitmap File (*.bmp) Excel file OLE (*.xls) Excel table (XML) file (*.xls) XML table file (*.xml)
  • Direct Deposit - Pay your employees automatically with a true ACH file to send to your bank
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