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Closing After 40 years of Payroll Software

We apologize but due to serious health issues we have decided to close ZPAY Payroll Systems on December 31, 2023. Our President Paul Mayer, who was a Vietnam Veteran, is now facing the results of his tour in Vietnam. As a victim of Agent Orange, he has lost about 90% of his vision, has tremors in his hands, and dementia. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to continue. His developer did not want to take over the company. So, it is being closed down. We will not be selling any of our products to new customers starting today.

In order for our existing PayWindow customers to finish this year’s payrolls, the 2023 W2 and 1099 forms will be included in a special download of PayWindow found on the download page or can be found on this link here after November 1st.

We’ve had a number of our customers suggest some great payroll software to us and a number of the companies are working on data import tools from PayWindow to their software now. As you can see, we have started posting the list below.

Thank you for being a customer all these years.

Payroll Software Recommended by our Customers

The following are Payroll programs recommended by our PayWindow users. We will add more as time goes on and give notes on what they have to make the transistion easy for our customers. 

Medlin Software Inc.

Medlin Software Inc.
They will import your company data and Employee Data from PayWindow to their software.
They support the TRAMS Export to TRAMS Back Office for Travel Agents.
To learm more and try their software click this link.

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ezPaycheck .
They have an import tool in their software to import your Company settings and Employee setting from PayWindow.
To learm more and try their software click this link.

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