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Thread: Multi Window Info Submission, How to submit for first AND second windows

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    Default Multi Window Info Submission, How to submit for first AND second windows

    Trying to get into a banking site that has multiple windows for login.
    Unlike the IRS site, which the first window starts a session, but not ask for login information until the second window, the banking window login process goes like this

    1) Open first login window.
    Enter a login id, but no password.
    Click submit (or logon).
    2) Second page now opens
    Enter login password
    Click submit.

    I believe all the banking sites are like this now. You enter your login id first, the bank displays a picture or catch phrase for you to ensure, that you really are entering their site. Then you submit your password.

    I believe I see what autologin is doing, grabbing the input name field name out of the page source, which is fine for the account name. But passwords do not appear to be specified in the password list.

    Is there a technique to support this style of multi-page login?

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    Unfortunately those new bank logon's like that were created to block auto logon programs and you can't get around it. My bank is the same and I log in as far as I can and then answer the security question and enter my password.
    Paul Mayer
    ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

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