New York 60 Cents Disability Tax...

That's actually NOT a tax, it is something that New York allows employers to withhold up to 60 cents each pay period to help with your Unemployment Insurance. From what we have read, it is very complicated as if you have any employees that have two or more jobs (different companies), you must work with the other employer(s) to "share" that deduction.

If you elect to deduct the 60 cents, simply create a miscellaneous Deduction in the company settings and put 60 cents in the employee's contribution under the employee settings. See this Video on creating Miscellaneous Deductions:

You do have to report it though if you elect to deduct this optional money to help you pay the insurance. From the New York web page:

"All employers liable under the UI Law, including employers that have elected the benefit reimbursement option, are required to file form NYS-45"

"A covered employer is authorized to collect from each employee, through payroll deduction, a contribution of 1/2 of 1% of wages paid, but not in excess of 60 cents per week. However, an employer may waive all employee contributions or, by employee agreement and acceptable to the Chair, arrange for employee contributions in excess of the statutory rate if the amount is reasonably related to the value of the benefits provided. Every covered employer bears the cost of providing benefits in excess of the contributions collected from employees (WCL §§209, 210)."

You would need to manually enter the 60 cents or fraction of it as a deduction to track as a miscellaneous deduction in PayWindow.

Most employers with a low number of employees don't even bother with this as it's a maximum per year for 52 weeks of $31.20 per employee and not worth the hassle of managing it.